Premium Membership is a comprehensive Insurance Policy for personal and unlimited hire use. 

Premium Membership is separate from Camplify's Public Liability Insurance which we have purchased as we are operating as a Fleet business and include all Individual owners in our policy. 

When an owner decides to operate as a Business, then Camplify's Public Liability Insurance will no longer cover you and we recommend that you purchase your own.

When you operate as a business, you will also need to buy Public Liability Insurance.

Operating as a Business:

You can decide to operate as a business on Camplify at any time. If you decide to operate as a business, you will need to register an NZBN. If your intention of purchasing then renting an RV is purely to make a profit if you have multiple RV’s, have a business name set up, or are managing RV’s for others then you will require an NZBN.

We consider you to be a business when you; 

  1. Use and have registered a business name
  2. Market your business through advertising