If you wish to apply a Discount or a Promotion Price to any Booking request that has already been made you can

1: Call The Customer Support Team on 0800 779 779 and they will adjust your costings.
2: Message the team via live chat - this is available from your owner dashboard. You will need the booking number

If the booking request is yet to be placed you can adjust the daily rate on your vans booking calender by clicking on Manage / Click your cursor on the first date and drag to the last date. This will allow you to adjust pricing, availability and cancellation policy for this period.

You are able to amend bookings:

  • Pick up earlier
  • Extend the trip
  • Add extra products
  • Change the Relocation Fee
  • Reduce the overall price - discounts and deals

Both, Owners and Hirers must communicate about the booking changes through the Camplify messaging platform. This helps Camplify staff, so that when a request is made to change the booking we are able to amend it immediately. 

How to Amend a booking

If you require an URGENT change, the owner must phone our Customer Support Team on  0800 779 779

If your Booking is more than 14 days away NON-URGENT you can submit a request through this contact form -https://www.camplify.com.au/contact or via above live chat functionality 

You will need to provide your Booking ID, Contact Details for the team