When the RV is returned all owners need to complete the Post-Hire Checklist. This is the final condition report for the  hire. This is critical in the instance that there is damage and you need to make a claim. 


  • No post-hire checklist = no insurance for damage claims.
  • You take photos using your phone camera WHILST you are filling out the checklist on the app. 
  • You are NOT allowed to upload old photos if there is damage
  • You can choose to record and charge your Road User Charges if applicable to your RV. Camplify will require your odometer reading to compare the pre hire reading
  • You can report tolls occurred whilst on hire

When your RV returns from hire

Greet the hirer and ask them:

  • How was their trip?
  • What did they like/dislike?
  • Is there anything that could have been better?
  • Did anything go wrong? Was their damage?

Do an initial inspection with the hirer

Walk-in and around your RV with your hirer. Can you see obvious damage?

If you can see that everything appears normal, wish your hirer well and remind them to leave you a review on Camplify. Many owners offer a repeat hirer discount to encourage more bookings.

Do a thorough inspection by yourself

We recommend you check within 24 hours, giving you ample time to collect evidence of damage, communicate with the hirer, and put together your Post-Hire checklist submission.

You MUST complete and submit the post-hire checklist on the app within 48hrs regardless of damages. 


How to do the Post Hire Checklist:

  1. Login to your Camplify Owners App
  2. Go to "Bookings" on the bottom menu
  3. Select the hire in "Past"
  4. Click your hirers specific "booking"
  5. You will see a triangle icon next to "Post-hire checklist"
  6. Click this and begin to answer the questions
  7. If there is no damage -  You are asked "Is there damage to your RV". You can answer "No"
  8. If you can see any damage - then you will need to begin the process we outlined in the Damage module. 
  9. When you are complete, click "Submit" and a record will be saved to your account.