All RVs listed with Camplify are covered by our Comprehensive Fleet Policy during hirers bookings, except for owners who elect to have a BYO policy.

If your RV is damaged or lost during a hirers booking, we'll collect their accident excess amount and organise and pay for the repairs.

  • Hirers and Owners are required to do a pre-hire checklist together and take photos at the start and end of each trip and this forms the condition report. 
  • Any existing damage would be noted
  • Any new damage on hire will be referenced & evidenced in the post-hire checklist. 
  • These photos in the pre and post-hires help us determine when the damage happened and who is responsible.

If you notice new damage that you think happened while a hirer had your RV you must let us know within 48 hours of the booking completing- via the Post-hire checklist.

We will assess the pre-hire checklist at the start of the booking and the post-hire checklist when the hire has finished to determine who is responsible for the damage and charge them for their applicable Accident Excess liability amount.

We will manage the claim with our insurer and arrange for payment to be made for repairs or we will manage the damage in-house. Either way we want to see that all legitimate damage that occurs on hire is managed for you and your RV is back on the road as soon as possible.