Yes, owners can now upload images from their camera roll into the Pre-hire Checklist!

This feature will greatly increase efficiency of the handover as Owners will now have additional time that can be spent giving thorough demonstrations on their van and any relating safety practices.

Watch Points:

  1. In order to upload images from your device the photo must be taken in the previous 24 hours (from current device time). The app will prevent photos that have a date stamp older than 24 hours from being uploaded.

  2. In order to upload images from your device the photo must be taken on the original device completing the pre hire checklist. 

  3. Due to date and time stamp configurations owners are unable to upload images from previous checklist attempts within the app.  (If you have attempted a pre hire and the images have saved to your camera roll, you will not be able to re upload these into the app )

The Camplify Owners App has recently been updated to improve image upload speeds whilst maintaining clarity and quality within the image. Whilst we encourage all owners to take live photos within the app we recognise the need for flexibility with remote hand overs and locations and believe this will improve owners experience whilst completing hand overs.