Owners of vehicles that operate off Diesel will pay road user charges (RUC). It is the owner's responsibility to make sure that their RV has a valid Road User Charge (“RUC”) license which allows enough RUC to cover the guest for the duration of their hire. We recommend at least 200km per day. The RV owner will be liable for any fines a hirer receives due to inadequate RUC. 

On charging RUCs

All hirers will need to pay back the amount of this pre-purchased RUC that they use on their trip. This amount will be calculated and charged by the owner via the post-hire checklist at the rate of $0.09 per kilometer driven ($9 for 100 kilometers).

How do I charge

  1. The Pre Hire Checklist will ask for your RV Odometer Reading on the day of departure. We encourage all owners to take a photo of the Dashboard as additional documentation. 
  2. On return of the RV and completing your Post Hire you will be asked to record the odometer reading
  3. Owners may prefer to charge the hirer in cash, We advise these owners to discuss the process on on departure and record which option you have chosen within the pre hire checklist question.
  4.  The owner will send a friendly reminder 1 day before return confirming the odometer reading and advise hirers of additional funds due on the return.
  5. Alternatively, Camplify can deduct the RUCS charges from the hirers accident excess if they forget or the owner prefers and has stated within the checklist process.
  6. The final RUC charges need to be recorded on the Post Hire confirming you would like Camplify Assistance,

Any questions relating to RUCS please contact the team on 0800 779 779 or support@camplify.co.nz