Hirers are allowed to ask if they are being tracked. However, you are under no obligation to declare that you have a GPS fitted to your RV. 

What do owners have to declare about GPS Tracking?

  • The unit can be hidden and not displayed publically displayed to hirers.
  • There is no label on your account showing hirers that you have a GPS Unit
  • Our Terms and Conditions allow owners the right to track their RV

You are welcome to share that you have a GPS in your possession. Benefits of telling hirers;

  • If known, it can deter hirers from stealing your RV
  • A GPS can deter hirers from taking the RV past the agreed location or going off-road
  • A GPS can tell you the exact location of an incident for a damage claim

According to our Privacy Policy in our Terms and Conditions hirers agree that Camplify RV's may be fitted with a GPS Tracking Device or other electronic tools to enable the geographical location of the vehicle to be tracked or location.