Owners are able to set up Geo-fencing

Geofencing will allow you to get an automatic notification if your RV has gone to an area that you have not approved. You could set it up for your state or other off-road areas.

We will release information on geofencing soon, please send a request for more information.

Check-in with the hirer 

Please contact your hirer and ask them if they are in the RV.

Ask why they have taken it outside of an agreed area or route. In most instances, they will admit it and you will come to a private resolution.

If they have gone off-road

Please inform them of the Terms and Conditions of hiring with Camplify

If the RV may have been stolen 

The RV may have been stolen and you need to contact the Police and file a report about your missing RV. 

You will also need to submit an insurance claim to your insurer using the Police report.

Notify Camplify

Contact Camplify on 0800 779 779