All Camplify Vans are strictly prohibited to go off-road unless you have received explicit permission in writing from the owner to take that van off-road, and they know the exact destination and route you plan on going. 

Obviously going off-road also comes with a greater risk of damage occurring. We remind you that you will be fully liable for all costs if there is damage:

  • to the underbody of the RV

  • to the overhead of the RV

  • as a result of partial or total immersion in water

  • as a result of your lack of care or negligence when driving off road

  • as a result of wear and tear (sandblasting, debris, stone chips, sandust and associated materials connected with travel on off road surfaces)

Please also note, if you are going off-road your liability will increase to $3,000.

This liability will still apply even if it is not your fault given the van is in your care.

For more information, please refer to the Hiring Terms and Conditions