Here are some of our top 10 tips to reduce the risk of damage:

  1. Develop a list of screening questions to ask each hirer at the time of booking, including age, driving experience, destination, intended route and who they'll be travelling with. Remember, you're in complete control of who you hire out to and when. If you're unsure, you can decline the booking or contact our support team for guidance;

  2. During handover, ensure you do a walk-through of the van showing the hirer how to operate all functions;

  3. Whilst holidaymakers agree to our Hirers Terms and Conditions, the handover could be a good time to verbally remind them to look after your cherished van, how the bond deposit works, and that they could be fully liable for damage if they are in breach of the Hirers Terms and Conditions;

  4. During the handover, take a minimum of 4 photos inside and 4 outside of the van, including the roof where possible;

  5. Leave a personalised manual in the van, including step-by-step photo instructions for operating the van;

  6. Include a to-do list for packing away the van before driving off;

  7. Make yourself available whilst your van is on hire for questions, perhaps with two contact numbers, and Camplify’s support number, this could save minor issues becoming major issues;

  8. Regular servicing of your van;

  9. Consider adding reminder stickers! Including for the correct fuel, vehicle height restrictions, and key contact numbers;

  10. Finally we ask our owners, don’t sweat the small stuff! Understandably there will be some unexpected costs whilst running a business, but it’s important to have a long-term view.