The pre-hire checklist is a mandatory form about the condition of the RV at the start of the hire. 

It gathers an accurate condition report of your RV at the time of the hire - like when you sign a lease to a house. 

Owners complete the Checklist on the Camplify Owners App at the "Handover" and it should take 30 minutes to complete. Your handover can be longer and explains how to use your RV to the hirer.

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Camplify owners app walk through

Why do we do a Pre-Hire checklist? 

The Pre-Hire checklist is critical for the damage claim process. 

Without a completed pre-hire, the van owner will not be able to lodge any damage incidents to camplify as a completed condition report is required to retain the hirers bond and lodge a claim on the Camplify fleet policy.

When and how do I do the Pre-Hire checklist?

You will need to complete the Pre-Hire checklist with the hirer at the handover/ commencement of the hire. Make sure both parties thoroughly inspect the RV during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies.

  • You will complete the form with the owner and hirer both in attendance.
  • You take photos using your phone camera WHILST you are filling out the checklist on the app. 
  • You are NOT able to upload old photos.
  • Owners checklist will open 24 hours prior to departure, this allows you to begin the photo upload and save when you can continue with the hire present

What is included in the Pre-Hire Checklist?

Make sure both parties thoroughly inspect the caravan/motor home/camper trailer (van) during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies. The pre-hire checklist takes into account the following aspects:

  • Check the hirer's ID and confirm the name, address and license number with the details Camplify has sent you already in an email
  • Take a photo of the hirer's license
  • If another driver is required, you will add another photo of their license
  • It will ask you to show the hirer:
    • Locate the fire safety equipment and First Aid Kit
    • Locate the spare wheel and jack - Tyre replacement kit
    • Test all lights 
  • Demonstrate:
    • Awning usage and clearly explain the importance of retracting when windy.
  • Check the gas bottle condition
  • Specify if Fuel and Gas are included in the hire, or the hirer must refill or pay
  • Take and upload a minimum of 6 photos of the existing condition of exterior + extras 
  • Take and upload a minimum of 6 photos of the existing condition of interior + contents
  • Specify any existing damage + provide 4 photos 
  • Test all brake Lights, reversing and indicators
  • Ensure all mirrors are in place
  • Inform hirer of the height of RV
  • If your RV is a Motorhome or Campervan
    • Record the km's on the odometer
    • Specify the agreed km's included in the hire
    • The charge per additional km

Note: The checklist will allow owners to take a maximum of 20 images internally and 20 images externally. This allows for all high traffic areas, bedding, kitchen, dining, floors, windows and bathroom. It also allows for all angles on exteria of the van as well as floor to roof.

What about the end of a hire - Is there a Post-Hire Checklist?

When the hirer returns the van, the owner will complete the post-hire checklist. The owner has 48 hours to complete a thorough inspection of the RV looking for damage or unexpected uncleanliness. Failure to complete a post hire report on return will result in damage claims being declined.