Currently, Camplify holds a $1000 security deposit against the same credit card that was stored in the system during payment of the deposit and final payment of your booking.


What is a Liability Waiver?

Incident liability is the maximum dollar amount (cost) per incident the hirer is responsible for should there be an incident. (excluding rental breaches). This includes damage to the rental vehicle and any third party property. 

Your liability can range from $1500 to $3500 depending on the RV and rental type. This liability can be reduced by selecting a Liability Waiver package.

What is the Debited Deposit?

The Liability Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of your vehicle.
The Liability Deposit will become a pending transaction from the credit card supplied (all funds processed against your card)

The dollar amount is determined by the Liability Waiver package option selected. This will appear as a pending transaction on your credit card for the duration of your hire, as well as 48 hours before and 48 hours after your hire.

Is the Debited Deposit refundable? 

The Liability Deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged.

Dont forget to check that your credit card has the funds available and that the amount does not exceed your daily withdrawal allowance.

There are exclusions to cover based on rental contract breaches. Please refer to our rental agreement for more information.

New Zealand Liability Waiver Package