Owners who respond within hours of receiving a booking request have a far higher booking conversion. The hirer may have made more than one booking request so respond quickly and engage with the hirer to increase your chances of securing a booking.

It’s important to manage communication too. If you don’t hear back from the hirer within 24 hours, send a follow-up message to check if they are still interested. Explain you will hold the dates for another 24 hours (you decide how long) and if you haven’t heard back you will decline the booking. It might just be the incentive the hirer needs to make a decision! 

When a booking request is made for your RV on Camplify, you will immediately receive an email notification from Camplify. 

Details of all your booking requests (pending, approved and paid) will be visible in the Bookings tab of your Portal (top right-hand corner). Your Pending bookings will appear on this page but you can also click on the Pending button at the top of the page to view your pending bookings only.  

Hit the yellow VIEW BOOKING REQUEST button to see details of the request and a message from the hirer (if they have left one). You have an opportunity to respond to the hirer’s request with a message e.g. to answer his/her questions or to ask some of your own - you may want to know what ask about the hirer’s travel itinerary, age of main driver etc. 

When you are ready to accept the booking, click on APPROVE to notify the hirer. They will then be invited to pay a deposit and secure the booking. 

If you decide you do not wish to hire the van out on this occasion, be sure to click on DECLINE  to notify the hirer.

Please remember to always APPROVE or DECLINE each booking in order to keep your dashboard up to date. 

To speed things up with booking requests, we also recommend you add a Booking Message to Hirers - this is a great place to welcome the hirer to your listing and also ask for information related to your RV. We suggest something along the lines of…..

Thanks for your interest in booking. When making your initial booking request, please let us know the following: approximate travel itinerary, age (must be above XXX years for insurance purposes), level of driving experience, proposed pick-up and drop-off times (if known) and any other special requirements you have. Please also feel free to ask any questions. We will endeavour to respond to all booking requests as quickly as possible.

This will give you more information to make a decision and speed up the communication flow.