It is completely free to list your van on Camplify.  We only collect fees when your van is out on hire. 

The Listing fee is for owners: It's calculated against the total stay price

Flexible Members 11 %
Premium Members 7 %
BYO Members 9 %

Here is an example to explain how it works,

What the owner will see:

10 nights x $100 = $1000

Service fee $40 

Less 11% Camplify Listing Fee $110

Less 15 % GST on Camplify Listing Fee $16.50

$913.50 will be paid to the owner

Note: Service Fee is for owners to top up small incidentals, lpg, cleaning supplies/products. Many owners use to pop in something nice locally for hirers. This can vary from $25-$100 per hire depending on vehicle type and size.

The Guest Booking fee is for hirers: It's calculated against the total stay price at 10%.

What the hirer will see:

10 nights x $100 per night = $1000 hire cost

Service fee $40 - this will go directly to the owner to cover basic costs as above

10% Booking fee $100 + (15 % GST) $15

Total cost $1155

These costs are based on standard accident excess. Hirers can reduce this excess at anytime prior to day of departure Full Details of Costing

If you have any questions regarding fees please let us know