We do a pay run to owners on Thursdays. We will pay you 50% of your Owner Total (minus Camplify fees) the Thursday after the start date of your hire and completion of your Pre-Hire checklist. The final 50% of your Owner Total will be processed to your account the Thursday after the end date of your hire.

Important to note:

  1. You must confirm via email that you have completed the onboarding course - we will then change your status on your account
  2. You must have updated license information on your account
  3. You must complete the pre-hire checklist for each hire in order to be paid
  4. You must have up-to-date payment details on your account
  5. We will send you an email remittance statement for each pay run with the Booking ID's
  6. You can view all due payments, dates and transactions via your camplify dashboard. To view your earnings click on the profile image in top right corner and then earnings

Please encourage your hirers to pay the deposit 

When you approve a booking, the dates are blocked out for all hirers within your van booking calender. Camplify sends your hirer email updates of approval and payment reminders. We recommend that you message them and ask them to pay the deposit within 48 hours to secure the dates. If no payment or message is received, send them another friendly reminder and you are then able to decline the booking and accept a new hirer request. A booking can be reopened by calling Camplify.

I haven't received my payments

All payments, transactions and future earnings can be viewed from your "Earnings" Tab in the top right corner when you click on your profile image within camplify.

Please wait until Friday before calling or making a request to Camplify.

If you have recently made changes to your bank account details in your Camplify Dashboard, please contact us to ensure that payments are being deposited into your correct bank account.

Please call for more help 0800 779 779 or email support@camplify.co.nz and one of the team will be in touch