Camplify is a Partner of the AA Nationwide breakdown and recovery service


Should your RV break down during the hire (touch wood that it doesn't), there is no need for you to panic. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the AA, every single hire through Camplify is covered by 24hr roadside assistance. Here's how Camplify's AA Roadside and Recovery Assistance Works:


Camplify covers the cost for roadside assistance call outs due to vehicle malfunction. This means hirers will be safe and secure while on their trip, knowing they are backed by Camplify and the AA.


Sometimes, unexpected things happen. If any type of mishap occurs during the hire, our team and the AA will jump into action to assist you and the hirer right away. If anything including the following happens during the hire, you or the hirer won't be out of pocket of AA call out fees and the RV will be back on the road quickly:

  • Towing because of an RV fault

  • The RV battery is flat

  • A tyre on the RV requires replacement or repair

In the event your hirer does require roadside please advise them to call AA Priority Line on 0800 734  543. 

A dedicated team member will request your Camplify rv registration number and contact details to get you back on the road.

Hirers are advised to call camplify and let the team know of the situation. The RV owner is to be notified before any decisions are made about where the vehicle will be towed to if further assistance required to work together on the solution.

Please refer to camplify owner terms and conditions for towing inclusions

To find out more about our exclusive partnership or how our roadside assistance product works, speak with our team on 0800 779 779