Certificate of Fitness and Transport Service Licence Number

In New Zealand, all motor vehicles that are going to be used as rentals need to obtain a Certificate of Fitness (CoF), a 6-monthly legal requirement which will supersede your current Warrant of Fitness (WoF) to ensure that it meets all required safety standards. We recommend going to a local VTNZ to get this completed or any of the CoF providers around the country Find a CoF provider in your area

In New Zealand all rental vehicles must have a CoF. This will only affect Owners of small campervans, with a gross laden weight of less than 3,500 kg, as any camper van with a gross laden weight of more than 3,500 kg is required to have a CoF as a standard.

Please note: The CoF does have different requirements to a Warrant of Fitness, however if your camper is well maintained then there should be no major problems. Click here for more information into getting a CoF.

As well as getting a CoF, because your vehicle will be used for rental purposes you need to change over its usage and operate under a Transport Service License (TSL). 

Option 1:

At the VTNZ, simply inform the staff that you need a COF and you’d like to change the usage from Private to a Rental because you’re using the Camplify platform. If you are new to hiring and this is your first COF then you will require Camplifys TSL. Please contact the team on 0800 779 779 or email support@camplify.co.nz and the team will provide. 


Option 2

Purchase your own TSL number. You can get your own TSL number for $449.80. It is a one off fee that lasts a lifetime. You can list multiple vehicles on the one licence.


It should be nice and straightforward, but please contact us if you're having any difficulties 0800 779 779

Note: Under Camplify Terms and Conditions it is the owners responsibility to ensure your vehicle is operating under the correct certificate and valid at all times. Failure to operate off the correct certificate can result in police infringements and insurance claims being declined in the event damage occured.